What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post of 2012? [You Told Us]

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A new year is upon us, with 2012 having morphed into 2013 before our very eyes. For MakeUseOf this passing of one year into another actually means very little. We’ll keep producing content designed to appease our readers’ needs for being entertained and educated, and hope you return the compliment by keeping your browsers pointed in our direction.

The year that’s just ended was an epic one for MakeUseOf, with thousands of pieces of content posted in the 12 months that made up 2012. Whether it was news posts, opinion pieces, features, or infographics, we collectively wrote, edited, and delivered the goods for you all to enjoy. And for free too. You lucky, lucky people.

What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post Of 2012?

For the final We Ask You column of last year, which ran all the way through Christmas and the New Year, we asked you, What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post Of 2012? The response was admittedly disappointing, but then if that means most of you chose to spend the time with loved ones rather than scouring the MakeUseOf archives it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The lack of specific articles mentioned means any idea of producing a ‘Best Of MakeUseOf’ is a non-starter, but again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It turns out most of those who commented couldn’t narrow down the breadth of content on the site to just a single article, instead praising the output as a whole.

The Guides and Cheat Sheets came in for particular praise. Also mentioned were the daily ‘Cool Websites and Tools‘ posts, and Tina’s weekly ‘Sound Sunday‘ column. What follows is a list of the specific articles mentioned in the comments as being particular favorites.

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  1. The MUO Security Checklist: What You Need To Do Right Now To Be Safe
  2. Why You Need To Backup Now And 6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Done So Already
  3. Feeling Down? Find Some Encouragement On The Internet’s Friendliest Websites
  4. Unfortunate Truths about Child Pornography and the Internet [Feature]
  5. How To Save A Wet Cell Phone Or Tablet

Comment Of The Week

We had great input from the likes of Rajaa Chowdhury, Sheri Blanchette Burgess, and Yvonne Dixon to name just a few. Comment Of The Week goes to Sachin Kanchan, who receives the respect of myself and hopefully everybody reading this:

My favorite post ought to be this one~


In this era of real world social disconnectivity, people have come farther from each other… facebooking or twittering might be fun, but it does not count much when you feel low from within, from the inside…

Hanging out with those close to you can really lighten the heart…

But then there are moments when you just need a moment of peace and silence and also joyfulness … now when there is chaos all around with many different kinds of problems and stresses pressing us down … this is when the post mentioned can really help boost our morale, motivate us, keep up going…

This is when these can bring a little smile on our saddened faces and at the same time give us wits about making others smile too…

An author I admire once said ~ Everyday, try to make a stranger smile; if you did not, that day of yours was wasted ….

Not only has a great article been highlighted, it’s one written by a new member of the team – Aaron Couch – who only joined MakeUseOf in 2012. I also love the reasons this article was chosen, with some much-needed positivity being quoted in a world seemingly filled with negativity.

We will be asking a new question tomorrow, so please join us then. We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. We ask you a question and you tell us what you think. The question is open-ended and is usually open to debate. Some questions will be purely opinion-based, while others will see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps for your fellow MakeUseOf readers. This column is nothing without your input, all of which is valued.

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