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One of the key elements of a good website design is loading speed. If you want to know how your website stacks up against the competition in terms of speed, then you should check out Whichloadsfaster. This tool lets you easily compare website loading speed against any other site online.

compare website loading speed

Using this tool is very easy. Just load the URL of the two websites and click go. The websites will then begin loading simultaneously in a race and let you know which website loads the fastest. The difference will be shown in milliseconds once both websites have completely loaded.

test loading speed of website

You can set up different matchups or try your own. Race Google and Bing against each other or even Apple and Adobe. You can also choose between Parallel more (load simultaneously) and Serial mode (load one at a time). You can set a repeat matchup for X number of times to know which website loaded faster on average. A CSV export is available if you want to keep track of your loading speeds.

check loading speed of website


Whichloadsfaster is a useful tool for anyone interested in knowing the speed of their websites.


  • Compare and test loading speed of website.
  • Preset races available or make your own.
  • Save the data in CSV.
  • Repeat races available for more accurate results.
  • Similar Tools: WebsiteSpeedTest, WebPagetest, and PageSpeed.

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