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Don’t you hate it when your friends are too afraid to tell you what they really think of you or what you just did? Perhaps a little anonymity might help? is a website that allows you to create an anonymous feedback page where your friends can drop a message for you without having their identities revealed (or they can just create a fake name, you’ll never know!). Once you receive a feedback, you can read it via your email.

feedback from friends

It is very easy to set up your own page. Just register for an account and click on the activation link sent to your email. Then create a feedback link through your account that will serve as the URL for your feedback page. You can now receive anonymous feedbacks by posting the link in your social networking sites, in your IM, or even in your email signature. You can even post status updates to your feedback page so that you can add a personalized message for those who visit it. If you are too overwhelmed with the responses you receive, you can choose to stop getting feedbacks which you can turn back on later. is a fun way to get people to say how they really feel about you. That is, if you are not afraid to face the truth.


  • Create an anonymous feedback page.
  • Customized URL for the feedback page.
  • Set status messages to your feedback page.
  • You have the option to stop feedbacks from coming in.
  • Share your feedback page easily on your social networking and social bookmarking sites.
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Check out WhatIsWrongWith.Me @


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