WhatIsMyIPAddress: Find Out Your IP Address

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As the name suggests, this tool lets you instantly find out your IP address online. Just head to the website and see your IP address displayed at the top along with it’s physical location on a Google map.

You can also also look up a physical location of a computer by its IP address, trace an email to its source and see visually on a map the path between two IP addresses using the Visual Traceroute.

find out your ip address


  • Instantly get your IP address.
  • View your current physical location on a map.
  • Look up the location of any computer by its IP address.
  • Trace an email to its source by providing it’s full headers.
  • See the path between two IP addresses on a map with Visual Traceroute.
  • Similar websites: ServerCheck, You Get Signal and MyIPNeighbors.

Check out WhatIsMyIpAddress @ www.whatismyipaddress.com

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Peter Hood

A few points; firstly the links for ServerCheck, You Get Signal and MyIPNeighbors are duff. Secondly, Avast! went bonkers when I searched on and then accessed ServerCheck. Subsquently the network shield component gave out this message:
“HTML:IFrame-EJ [Trj]
Trojan Horse

Network Shield: blocked access to malicious site hifgejig.cn/nuc/index.php”

By weay of confirmation WRT the last see this: malwaredomainlist.com/mdl.php?search=hifgejig.cn&colsearch=All&quantity=50

Surprisingly OpenDNS didn’t pick up on this and stop it in its tracks, but there again I employ defence in depth, not that I am about to be

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