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We often hear about topics that we don’t know anything about or don’t know how to explore them on the internet. WhatDoYouSuggest is an tool that helps you in such cases. It is a mashup tool based on user data from Google and let you explore any topic step-by-step.

Once you enter a keyword, it will branch out different options for that keyword that you can click on to continue your exploration. These options are terms that Google thinks users are most likely looking for. Connecting on any of these options would open a second tier of options. The thicker the line connecting an option with the keyword, the more results it has on Google search.

The tool is a completely experimental one but helps a lot in making sense out of a rather unfamiliar topic.

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  • Explore a topic based on data from Google.
  • Enter any keyword or try a random topic.
  • The path you create leads to specific articles to provide more information.
  • No registration required.

Visit WhatDoYouSuggest @


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  1. George Maness
    April 5, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Their site appears to be only a sample of how it is supposed to work someday.
    There is no home page, no contact information, no instructions.
    I entered a search term in what appeared to be the right place but nothing could be done with it. there was no "go" button or "start" button or "search" button.
    It doesn't do anything. You might revisit this site in a month to see if it is running.