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WhataLovelyName is a baby name finder website that can help you get one step closer to finding a perfect name for your newborn. Want a celebrity baby name? No problem, just go to celebrity section and you will get a list of all celebrity baby names. There are also sections for musicians, hollywood and politicians.


Bowie Vincent is the son of hairstylist Ric Pipino and Jenne Lombardo.
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Moreover, you can select a number of traits you value and get a list of names that are common among the people with such qualitites. There are three main categories:

    Tradition –  get names related to particular culture, race, and religion.
    Disposition – get names based on personality such as being gentle, cute, strong… etc.
    Celebrities – get names of famous athletes, actors, musicians… etc.

Once you’ve found the names you like you can share them with friends and get their opinion. There is also an option to create custom logo for each name and order gifts with that name and logo.


  • Find cool baby names.
  • Share favorite names with friends and get their opinion.
  • See baby names popular among celebrities and musicians.
  • No registration needed.
  • Similar websites: Nymbler, NamepediA.

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