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A few weeks ago, I started noticing a weird bug with the Spotify desktop app for Windows: after an advertisement played, instead of resuming music playback the app would just pause, requiring me to manually hit Play again.

After a bit of searching on the web, I realized I wasn’t the only one having this issue — but there wasn’t a single proposed solution that worked for everyone. If you’re having this issue, here are some fixes you can try that may or may not work.


1. Make sure you have Repeat enabled. It’s a silly one, I know, but the problem could be as simple as reaching the end of a playlist and not having repeat enabled.

2. Make sure Spotify is up to date. The quickest way to do this is to uninstall Spotify, then download and install the latest version. Note that this will clear your app settings.

3. Clear the Spotify cache. First, close Spotify. Then, open File Explorer and type %APPDATA%/Spotify into the address bar. Navigate into the Users folder, continue into your user folder (mine is “jleeso-user”), and delete both ad-state-storage.bnk and prefs files.


Now relaunch Spotify and hope that the issue is fixed. This assumes that the pausing problem has something to do with the ads used by Spotify. It may or may not work.

4. Switch to Private Session. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but some users have said that this does help, so it’s worth a try. Go to Settings, scroll down to Social, and enable Private Session.

5. Disable Hardware Acceleration. Again, not a guaranteed fix, but some users have said that this helps. Go to Settings, scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings, scroll down to Compatibility, and enable Hardware Acceleration.

Did any of these fix your issue? If so, please comment and let us know which one did it! Similarly, if none of these worked for you, please share that with us too. Every bit of confirmation helps.

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