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Kickstarter projects are a great way to spend your hard-earned money on something truly fun and innovative. Some projects go super nova, at which point everyone writes about them, but most projects aren’t so lucky.

There are several ways to find good Kickstarter projects to back 7 Ways To Discover Cool Kickstarter Projects Before Anyone Else 7 Ways To Discover Cool Kickstarter Projects Before Anyone Else It's easier to search for interesting projects on the site. We've come up with a list of seven ways to discover interesting and new projects on Kickstarter before anyone else does. Read More , but most require some diligence and a bit of research. The simplest way to find those Kickstarter gems is to integrate your search with something you already do daily — namely, your social networks!

With these feeds, you’ll always know what to back, who to back, and when.



CrowdFundingBB is an account that belongs to Crowd Funding Forum, and features lots of Kickstarter campaigns worth knowing about. From individual projects to short lists of interesting ones, this account will keep you up to date with Kickstarter and IndieGoGo projects you might want to back.




Best of Kickstarter is an account that deals mostly in retweets. How does that work? Since the account now has over 80,000, and it promises to retweet and even support projects that mention it, many project owners simply tell them about their projects. All that’s left for them to do is retweet, thus supplying their followers with a nice repository of interesting projects straight from the source.


If you’re interested in Kickstarter projects, it always pays to follow the actual source. The official Kickstarter account doesn’t exactly reveal the more obscure projects, but it’s a good way to stay up to date with trending projects, project of the day, and other Kickstarter tidbits.


Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Worldwide Community


This Facebook Page gathers interesting projects and news form both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Not all its posts are about interesting projects — some are about crowdfunding in general — but you can often find a really interesting project you may not have heard of any other way.

Kickstarter Supporters and Campaigns


The Kickstarter Supporters and Campaigns Page aims to be a place “where Campaigns will meet Supporters, with a goal that the magic of likes and a couple backers will happen”. In other words, it’s a place for campaign owners to tell the world about their projects, and hopefully get some new backers. This Page is all about interesting projects, posting about 3 or 4 campaigns per day.


As with Twitter, there’s no better way to say updated on Kickstarter news than Kickstarter’s official Facebook Page. Just like on Twitter, this won’t necessarily tell you about the more obscure projects, but it’s good to stay in touch with if you’re into the crowdfunding scene.


You might be surprised to find Pinterest here. For some reason, Pinterest is still considered by many as a women’s network for pinning cookies and flowers. That’s not the case at all. If you’ve just decided to join, be sure to check out these 5 boards for complete beginners Finally Joined Pinterest? These 5 Boards Will Get You Started Finally Joined Pinterest? These 5 Boards Will Get You Started Did you finally jump on the Pinterest band wagon? If you haven't got a Pinterest account just yet, go and create one. Then come back here, you'll be glad you did. Read More . Yes, they’re good for men too!

Kickstarter! by Shermaine Nicole Garcia

This is a nice collection on Kickstarter projects which revolve mainly around toys, playing cards and charging gadgets. The board’s owner pins other interesting campaigns as well, so it’s worth a look if you’re after something unusual to back.

Kickstarter by Nick M.N. Yap

Nick N.M. Yap is one of the co-founders of Omate Smartwatch, a successful Kickstarter project in itself. His Kickstarter Pinterest board reflects those interests, and while it hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, it was updated again last week, so it might be coming back to life. Worth keeping an eye on, just in case.

Kickstarter Stuff You Should Back by Ziv Kitaro

This one is by far the best Kickstarter Pinterest board of the three. Updated frequently, this is the place to find a wide variety of interesting Kickstarter projects you might like to back. The pins are mostly videos —much more informative than just an image — and include a short description of the project, as well as the product’s estimated delivery date.


When it comes to Instagram it’s hashtags you should follow rather than users. The best two hashtags to follow for regular updates on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects are:

1. #Kickstarter

2. #Crowdfunding

Instagram being what it is, don’t expect to get a curation of projects worth backing. Rather, you’ll probably find posts by the campaign owners themselves. And what better way is there to find about projects before anyone else?

By the way, you don’t have to follow these hashtags on your mobile. There are several excellent ways to use Instagram on your computer 7 Stylish Ways To Bring Instagram To The Web When Mobile Is Not Enough 7 Stylish Ways To Bring Instagram To The Web When Mobile Is Not Enough Instagram's popularity calls for a way to use Instagram on the web, but an official way to do this still doesn’t exist. The lack of official solution brought about an abundance of unofficial means to... Read More , and they’re perfect for this.

How do you find Kickstarter projects to back? Do you use social media or other means? Share your secrets in the comments.

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