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technology you can't live withoutQuora is often the source of some real pearls of wisdom, especially if you follow the right people such as well-known Internet entrepreneurs 10 Internet Entreprenuers Who Are Active On Quora 10 Internet Entreprenuers Who Are Active On Quora Quora is a simple premise beautifully realized. It's an online knowledge depository where people can ask or answer questions. And it's populated by a mix of ordinary, everyday folk like you and me, as well... Read More . Which was the case recently when a question regarding prisons prompted a response from someone recently released from one after 25 years inside.

The question asked related to how the indescribably rapid evolution of technology, especially over the past few decades, affects prisoners when they’re released. A guy named Michael Santos answered, describing his experience of being released from prison into a strange new world where smartphones are everywhere and social networking is commonplace. Now we’re going to examine that question from another angle.

This Week’s Question…

We want to know, What One Tech Innovation Would You Miss In Prison? If you’re not comfortable thinking about being banged up then think of being stranded on a desert island for 20 years instead. Whatever the scenario, the result is the same – those technological innovations you’ve come to know, love, and rely on are suddenly no longer available.

technology you can't live without

Would it be a piece of hardware or gadget that you’d miss the most? If so, which one and why? Would it be a Web service? Or the ability to order goods online 6 Of The Best Shopping Sites For The Coolest Gadgets 6 Of The Best Shopping Sites For The Coolest Gadgets Read More ? Would your mind revert to thinking in back-to-basics terms, with an oven, a kettle, or a microwave at the top of your wishlist? Let’s assume that this is a prison with no modern conveniences, and certainly none that are available to the inmates.

Think about this question laterally, as I will be asking questions at the end. If you’d prefer to further the discussion by instead talking about how hard it is to (re)learn skills 6 Basic Tech Skills Anyone Should Have (Even If You're Not a Geek) 6 Basic Tech Skills Anyone Should Have (Even If You're Not a Geek) If you consider yourself a geek, and have good control over your computer and other devices, this post might not be for you. If, however, you’re still finding your way in the computer world, or... Read More after not using them for a long time, then feel free to do so. This is about getting to the heart of our current use of technology, and how we rely upon it to do so much. If it was all to be taken away suddenly then what would we miss the most?


Drawing Conclusions

All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what You Told Us.One reader will even win Comment Of The Weekwhich will be included in the follow-up post! What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. The questions asked are usually open-ended and likely to necessitate a discussion. Some are opinion-based, while others see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps to fellow MakeUseOf Readers. This column is nothing without you, as MakeUseOf is nothing without you.

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