What Movie Should I Watch Next?

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movie-recommendations.png If you frequently find yourself cluelessly searching for some good movie to watch, this article is for you.

It will give you a quick overview of two little-known movie recommendation sites, that are easy to use, easy to get started and indeed help you find the movies you’re likely to enjoy.

Tastekid – Quick Movie Recommender

Tastekid gives you a basic search field where you can enter a movie title of your choice and get back a list of similar movies. No need to signup or rate anything, just enter the movie you like and discover similar movies. Quick and easy.

Movie Recommender

When it comes to movie recommendations it might need some improvements though. I’d say only about half of the movies it returns are actually similar to the one you entered. However it still works great for me.

Its killer feature is the ability to get a quick preview window for any listed movie without leaving the page. Simply point your mouse cursor over the ‘?’ mark next to each title and you’ll get a small pop-up window with short movie description and trailer. Very useful.

Tastekid - Movie Recommendations

MovieLens – Personalized Movie Recommendations

As stated above, MovieLens is a personalized movie recommendation engine. What this means is that your recommendations are tailored to your taste and based on your ratings of other movies.

The obvious advantage of it is that you get better recommendations. The disadvantage is that it takes time to setup and get it working. First of all, you have to signup and rate at least 15 titles before it can recommend any movie to you.

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Movielens- movie ratings

Now, you should also keep in mind that the more you tell Movielens about the movies you love and hate, the better your recommendations become. So just keep on rating as you browse the site.

Once you have rated your first 15 movies, you will be able to access your account area. Below is a screenshot of my account page (click to enlarge).

Although there are plenty of features here, you will rely upon only 3 things.

    1) Predictions

    Based on your movie ratings, MovieLens generates a so called prediction ratings for movies you haven’t seen yet.

    what movie should I watch next

    The higher predictions are the more likely you will enjoy the movie. Moreover, your search results on Movielens are also sorted based on the prediction ratings.

    2) Search

    The Search feature is what you’re probably going to use the most. MovieLens lets you search for recommended movies by genre, year of release, title and more. Now, let’s say you want to find some good crime movie that you haven’t seen earlier. For that, simpy leave the title field blank, select the crime genre, the year of release and click search. Movielens will then get you all the crime movies matching your criteria, sorted based on prediction ratings.

    There is also an Advanced Search mode where apart from searching for all the “best movies” within a certain domain, you have an option to exclude certain genres. That is to say, you can see what the “best movies” are that are in the crime category but not in Drama. Sweet.

    3) New movies

    Another neat feature, is a quick list of newly released movies along with a prediction for each of them. See a sample below (based on your ratings, your list might be different)

That’s about it. There are some other things you can do at Movielens but I don’t think any of them are really unique enough to be mentioned here.

To sum up, I think both websites offer something useful. Tastekid is more suitable for quick lookups and trailer peaks, movielens on the other hand for more personalized recommendations and for discovering great movies you never knew about. We have also reviewed a service called The Filter, though my personal choice stays with the above ones.

What do you think about the above sites? Have you used any of them before? Any other good sites?

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The Windows Fix

Wow, this might be my favorite post of the year. MakeUseOf does it again..Movies and Tech, what a great blog.


Thanks ;-)



Great post !!
I really need this…



Very good sites up there, was really looking for something this cool



Remindsme the (defunct in 1998) firefly.com website


That Wikipedia entry has nothing todo with movies :?




This is the site I use now.



You could also use Sceneami.com, you add the movies that you like and the site instantly gives you recommendations. Works for me.



which one? The Movielens? Sceneami? Tastekid ? :-)



FilmAffinity.com is also a great reccommendation site based on other user’s preferences



i really like netflix’s system even though it is based on you buying them from them


If you’re on Netflix then you might want to check out Feedflix. It shows you what movies are popular on Netfilix and some more stuff related to your renting habits.



By all means, I prefer TasteKid over all the other suggestions. Instant ideas, over having to plow through dozens of movie ratings to get ideas, is always a plus.

On the flip side for long term usefulness, the plowing through will probably be more accurate.

Still, I just want the now stuff.



Cool article, this!! I generally use wikipedia(and to some extent imdb and rottentomatoes) to explore and find missed classics. I’ll give all the sites above a try.
Thanks and cheers!!



That was really helpful, thank you.



i prefer tastekid. i like the site, and i got amused by the “who are you” page: http://www.tastekid.com/ask/aboutme

it’s funny and well written.


Unknown Movie Master

I use

It pretty much has every movie you need, oh and

http://www.Watch-movies-online.tv (also known as Watch-movies-links).
But i’ll try this new website,


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All right, you’ve inspired me to try this.



yeah you can also watch free movies on various sites including http://www.watchmovieswatch.com


Mohan Arun L (@marun2 on Twitter)

For a movie recommendation engine, you can also try the website called clerkdogs.com. Once you input a movie you liked, it gives you suggestions and recommendations.


mega movies

I like to use



The best place to watch free blu-ray movies: http://www.free-blu-ray.com

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