What Has Google Killed In The Past 7 Years?

Earlier this month, we had to say goodbye to Google Reader, a much-loved RSS reader. Whenever Google kills one of their products, disappointment inevitably spreads across the Internet. Over the years, Google have axed many of their projects like Google Buzz, Google Wave, and Aardvark; just to name a few. Search marketing company WordStream put together this infograph depicted the various products that failed, in Google’s eyes.

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And now, as of August 9th, Google Latitude is being “retired.”



Really Google did a lot of things. lolzz.


Mr. Qwertypops

You forgot to include privacy…


hahah good one

Jackson Chung

Quite true, although it wasn’t theirs to kill.


Vnay T

They’ve got too much to invest that they ended up investing it in these holy crap..


Chuck P

I am going to miss iGoogle, I loved my landing page.


Ray Herring

You forgot to include ‘Google Video’, it was googles answer to a online video service to compete against the likes of Youtube if i recall.

Then Google went ahead and bought youtube, ran both services side-by-side for a while then proceeded to kill off Google Video.



David Ross

While not a separate application, at least one thing was dropped from the search engine: US aircraft registration look up. For example, if I entered the registration N159GA I would be told who owned the aircraft.


Jacob W

iGoogle is dying? Now to hipster it up and use it as much as I can and then troll on the forums when it goes.

Google does have a history of killing thinks that I liked such as my first email address with them, especially annoying as that was tied to all of my online accounts and it was closed a day before I was old enough to reclaim it and I still use that username on my personal email address now. I believe it was also their fault that my favourite social network ‘The Fridge’ (http://www.frid.ge) was closed… more reasons to hate Google+.


Bilal A

Google is going to kill latitude next.



Google also stopped their Google Desktop last year


Dandu Rajeev

That’s wonderful information about Google and it’s products! Thanks a lot for giving this information.


Ashwin D

We Hope Google Doesnt Take out the good ones or they’ll be done for.


R.s. H

Google also killed their Android App Inventor, shame. At least they where kind enough to give that one away to MIT. We will see it rise up again!!


Robert T

i really miss google information i think it was called goog411, it was free, would connect u to ur number and send u a txt with the number and address. later i found out that the only reason they ran was to get a voice print of “everybody asking for everything” to improve the voice commands for android


Saikat Basu

Well, I can assume that it’s freeing up a lot of their servers. It’s a part and parcel of the web game. We should get used to the fact that no service is permanent and could be either shut down or taken over.


“I can assume that it’s freeing up a lot of their servers”
Yeah, it needs the room to store all the customer data it is collecting for the government.


Leah C

I didn’t know they discontinued Google Labs. Shows how much I used it.





Sam Mehta

Google’s many service has no point and not user friendly so no wonder now they are killing all those service that has no practical use,especially in today’s world with so much competition.If they really want their service popular then they should make it easier for everyone including for those who doesn’t have so much knowledge about computer and internet..How come google can’t get it?



death rate is more than birth rate ?


Jarrett H

I think it would be interesting to look at the reasoning some of these were killed. Google Video became redundant after Youtube was purchased, so no surprise there that they kept the better known property. Some, like Talk, were integrated with other initiatives and renamed, or like Picnik, which was most likely integrated with Picasa. Some were obviously under-performers, so why waste resources on projects that don’t get used to it’s fullest potential or are just money pits with no return. Even Yahoo and Microsoft have done this over the years. Of course, some of these could simply be bad choices, which others have done in the past as well, including purchasing them in the first place.


Choon K

Google Scribe too, it was my assignment tool, and now it’s gone :/

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