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This is an example of  a site that does exactly what its URL suggests. Type the year you were born and you’ll be told a lot about what happened in the world that year. Most of the information will be related to American pop-culture, though some world and sports history is thrown in as well.

what happened in my birth year

While the information this webapp outputs is certainly interesting, and the context given in terms of everything being related to the year the viewer is born certainly makes it even more interesting, the site’s insistence on having the information “appear” on screen as though being typed by someone is more an annoyance than a feature. Still, this diversion is worth a few minutes of your time if you’re interested.


  • Enter the year of your birth to learn a little bit about what life was like then.
  • Heavy focus on popular culture.
  • Text annoyingly appears as though being typed by someone somewhere.

Check out What Happened in My Birth Year @

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