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The way we receive news has changed beyond all recognition. If you traveled back in time 500 years then you’d find news was passed on either by official government bulletins or, more than likely, word of mouth. Travel back 100 years and the passage of news was still slow, though it reached many more people thanks to newspapers. Travel back 50 years and television had become a huge presence.

Now, in the present day, there are numerous methods for consuming news, with stories breaking around the world shared with the entire planet in a matter of minutes. This is both a good and bad thing. Good in the sense it has empowered the general population with unfettered information, bad in the sense that a lot more misinformation is passed around, both accidentally and on purpose.

This Week’s Question…

For this week’s We Ask You column, we want to know, What Do You Use For News? In other words, where do you source your news from? We don’t want a big long list from everyone who takes part in the debate, instead seeking an insight into how each member of the MakeUseOf readership receives breaking news and in-depth features.

There are a host of different sources you could cite. Are you a sucker for the old-school printed editions of newspapers? Do you sit hooked to 24-hour rolling news channels? Does word of mouth still play an active part in your news-gathering habits? They’re the main offline options, but the Web is awash with other options.

There are social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the latter being especially important for the breaking of big stories in countries other than your own. There is Google Reader and its various alternatives Bring The News To Life With These Slick Google Reader Alternatives Bring The News To Life With These Slick Google Reader Alternatives Google Reader works and lead the way in RSS feed readers for a long time, but it's boringly simple, even for Google design ethics. These readers add new dimensions! They add new ways to physically... Read More . Which website do you trust to deliver the news that interests you and in a manner which suits your tastes?


Do you subscribe to the online versions of popular newspapers in order to break through the pay wall Paywall Trend On The Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] Paywall Trend On The Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] Being a former newspaper journalist, I can sympathise to a very large extent with the plight of print media. With the relentless onslaught of the Internet, and peoples expectations that "information should be free", print... Read More ? Would you ever consider doing so? Do you have an app or apps on your smartphone or tablet that delivers the news to you when you’re on the go? Choose your favored news service and let us know what it is and why you rate it more highly than all of the other options available.

Drawing Conclusions

All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what You Told UsOne reader will even win Comment Of The Weekwhich will be included in the follow-up post! What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. The questions asked are usually open-ended and likely to necessitate a discussion. Some are opinion-based, while others see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps to fellow MakeUseOf Readers. This column is nothing without you, as MakeUseOf is nothing without you.

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