What Do You Think About iOS 7? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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With Google Reader’s demise fast approaching, we asked you last week if you’ve already found an alternative and which one it is. Over 1,000 readers voted in this poll, and an astonishing number of them voted for the same service. Which do you think it is?

Out of 1,096 votes in total, 1% voted for Bloglovin’, another 1% voted for Twitter lists, 2% voted for Tiny Tiny RSS, another 2% use Pulse as their Google Reader replacement, 3% went for NewsBlur, as did for Flipboard, 8% use The Old Reader, and an impressive 66% use Feedly as their Google Reader alternative. 14% of the votes went to the “Other” option, and the comments are full of useful suggestions for services that were not included in the list.

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This week’s poll question is: What Do You Think About iOS 7?

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iOS user or not, you’ve probably heard of the latest release from Apple. iOS 7 is only available in beta so far, but has already made some waves, with users calling it anything from revolutionary to the bastard son of Android and Windows Phone. While the mobile OS does look different from its predecessors, some say that it’s much more similar to its mobile OS rivals. Opinions are varied regarding its new color scheme as well, which some love and some absolutely hate. So where do you stand when it comes to iOS 7? Is it revolutionary or boring? Or something in between? Make your voice heard!

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What do you like about iOS 7? What do you hate about it? Will it convince you to switch to iOS? Or maybe the other way around? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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The OS is ok. The company sucks!


Richard Borkovec

Some of the new features are cool, and it’s nice they finally got to iOS. But all that gaussian blur, and those icons….*shutter*. They’re just…awful. There was nothing new brought up besides the kill switch, but from what I see on even Apple fanboy blogs, they know this and actually acknowledge it.



I will never buy another Apple product again. I am switching to Windows Phone.

james braselton

me too windows 8 phone customized live tiles


Aibek Esengulov

I haven’t tried it but definitely liked what I have seen in the videos so far.


Junil Maharjan

The OS looks similar to android. they have got some feature which were in android. although the icons look bad. looks like icons from the old lg android phones. Some elements in the os also give you the feeling of windows phones.

Chinmay Sarupria

Android doesn’t has that simplicity. Icons look great. Only the flat design can give the feeling of Windows Phone.


Paul Prakash J

Where is the innovation??

Chinmay Sarupria

What innovation? Innovation is always in hardware not software.

iPhone user

so i suppose then u don’t need multitasking feature, and all that apps that u can use with this OS.
You might wanna use a “powerful” spec but with simbyan OS.

Wrong, both hard & soft matters.

iPhone user

personally, i like much more the old iOS. Robust, proff, simple and original. That was “iOS”, but not anymore…to bad

iPhone user

and yes…in past..it was innovating


“and yes…in past..it was innovating”
The operative word is “was”. Fruitco is stumbling along on past accomplishments and glory. If it wasn’t for the True Believers that buy anything wearing the Rainbow Fruit logo out of a Pavlovian response, Fruitco would be no more.

Chinmay Sarupria

Everyone has its own choice. You liked the old one and i like the new one.


Paulius Zaleckis

Android user cares about new iOS, like the frog cares about new Justin Bieber song


Sidharth Verma



Mauricio Aviles

a big change and most people won’t appreciate it at first but it’s definite what apple needed to take a step towards a new direction in mobile os



I must admit, despite some of the new app icons I really like what I have seen so far.
Yes, there are similarities to Windows Phone and maybe some Android features (however, I see more WinPhone in iOS7) and people call it stealing and/or ugly (still both OS design teams should feel flattered ;)), but alas change always stirs up emotions because we humans do not like change, even though we always proclaim that we want things to go differently.

Me personally, I would’ve liked a few more new new features, but am glad that some jailbreak tweaks finally found its way into iOS. Overall the industry doesn’t seem to be able to come up with new groundbreaking additions to their OS’es. As an example take Apple’s Siri which should be more useful or Samsungs gimmicky features that you use when they are a novelty but later don’t bother with (like Air Gesture, Smart Scroll or GroupPlay).

There is still some work ahead of the iOS-Team and I hope to see some tweaks and improvements here and there. However, I can only speak from a visual perspective since I haven’t tried the new OS, yet.


Austin H

I really don’t see the similarities in design to Android. I’m not saying it’s vastly different (you’d have to be a fool to think that), but my first thought was “Well now they won’t even remotely have a court case against Samsung (and other companies using Android) looking too similar.” I definitely see the Windows phone similarities, but only in that it is now a flat UI design rather than skeumorphic.

I think the features are what really pull it closer to Android and other mobile OSes, but that’s a good thing. Anytime Apple, Google, Blackberry, Microsoft, and any other mobile OS maker out there adds features that the competition has (or had) it benefits the user, and isn’t that really all that matters? As an iOS user, I’m happy Apple might be ‘stealing’ ideas and features from Android and whoever else because I will be able to do things I haven’t before and that is exciting and great for me. No sense ridiculing a company when it benefits users, IMO.


Stephen S

I don’t like the colors or the new simplified icon look. First thing I did was change my wallpaper to solid black (looks so much better this way). I wish that Apple could have a few different color ‘themes’ that could be user selected in settings. Also, I dislike the fact that they didn’t make the iTunes Radio a stand alone app. Overall, I am not really excited about the iOS 7. If I could revert to iOS 6, I probably would.

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