What Are Your Tech-Related Hopes for 2013? [You Told Us]

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We’re now a whole week into 2013, and hasn’t the time flown by. Why, it feels like only yesterday that fireworks were lighting up the night sky, and only the day before yesterday that those with time and money to spare had impressive animated lights displays in their front gardens. In 12 months time we’ll be able to do it all over again. Until then we have lots to occupy our minds, including what’s happening on the technology front, whether in the industry or in our own lives.

Last week we asked you, What Are Your Tech-Related Hopes For 2013? This was a deep question with an inordinate number of possible responses. You could have told us about a company you’d like to see do well in 2013, or an innovation you’d like to see make it as a mainstream product. We had a fair number of comments, and below is a look at the results of this discussion.

The Results

The results of this discussion were as varied as I’d suspected they would be. Different people interpreted the question in different ways, which is always nice to see. Some focused on particular companies, others on particular products. Some concentrated on their personal interactions with technology, others on wider trends.

The only tech-related hope for 2013 that was mentioned a number of times was the desire for longer battery life on smartphones. The jump from old mobiles to smartphones has been a great one in terms of usability and features, but sadly those genius devices in our pockets now burn through energy at a rate of knots. Rather than incremental updates perhaps the big boys should be piling resources into extending battery life from a number of hours to a number of days.

Comment Of The Week

We had great input from the likes of Harshit Jain, Marius Gheorghiu, and Junil Maharjan, to name just a few. Comment Of The Week goes to Caroline West, who receives the respect of myself and hopefully everybody reading this:

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1) To see Facebook fall flat on its face would be a dream! – We all know the reasons why, but mine in particular is for all the cyber-bullying against youngsters to stop. I really think there needs to be a mass change in a much better, safer alternative. For FB too, an easier way to completely delete your account, not just deactivate it which still keeps you on their network.

2a) To see Windows 8 go from strength to strength! Get shot of crappy apps and see some top quality ones developed. Also to see it grow in popularity. And be the first new OS of Windows to build upon for Microsoft.

2b) The Windows phone to become as widely popular as Android and iPhone. So it will be much easier to get apps for it.

2c) I use cNet a lot and I’ve noticed just how few -compared to Win7- software there is out there for Win8 which IMHO is here to stay so my wish is for Dev’s to please crack on. Not just the Dev’s, but the software already out there being made more compatible and up to date.

3) My mobile phone network to keep getting better. (I’m with ’3? and they are still developing).

4) Find a way -freely- to convert .AMZ e books (Kindle format) into an Epub / pdf for viewing on non-kindle devices

5) As I am listening to web radio while typing… I wish that manufacturers would improve the sound quality on ‘Budget’ Laptops.

6) Linux…. Would be good if it were more appealing to the eye. I know that some distros are, but there is still room for improvement. I have read that many of us find it complicated with its command line usage and apps that are not easily understood. So making it more user-friendly would be great.

7) Podcasts: Why, why, why is the majority only accessible via iTunes? I don’t rate it much as each attempt at trying to use it goes wrong. It won’t download podcasts, keep me informed of new ones and so on. I think iTunes needs a major overhaul.

I could go on with some other little quibbles; couldn’t we all. But these are the main ones for me: unless I think of some more.

This comment is not only epic in terms of length but is varied and well considered too. While I don’t necessarily agree with all the points made, I can certainly understand and respect the thinking behind them. I do agree with the last point, however, because iTunes really isn’t up to scratch. Come on, Apple, make iTunes all it could be. Please.

We will be asking a new question tomorrow, so please join us then. We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. We ask you a question and you tell us what you think. The question is open-ended and is usually open to debate. Some questions will be purely opinion-based, while others will see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps for your fellow MakeUseOf readers. This column is nothing without your input, all of which is valued.

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