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Behold, the eighth generation of video games is upon us. The Wii U has already been launched, with Nintendo dropping the successor to the Wii at the end of 2012. Sony and Microsoft will follow suit shortly, with Sony perhaps having unveiled the PlayStation 4 by the time you’re reading this. By the end of 2013 all three next-gen consoles are expected to be out in the wild.

The video games industry is at an important junction, with many pundits suspecting that the traditional model for releasing a new console every few years is unlikely to continue. With so many ways to game on the cheap these days, including online streaming options, the future is looking uncertain. But what do you want to see happen in the near future when it comes to video games?

The Results

We asked you, What Are Your Hopes And Fears For Next-Gen Games Consoles? Unfortunately the response wasn’t great, with only a dozen of you deigning to tell us what you were hoping for and fearing about the latest consoles. Perhaps the MakeUseOf readership comprises of mostly PC gamers I Abandoned PC Gaming, But Now I'm Back & Here's Why [MUO Gaming] I Abandoned PC Gaming, But Now I'm Back & Here's Why [MUO Gaming] Years ago, I was fully into gaming on my PC. I owned a PlayStation 2 and barely ever hit the power button to turn the thing on. I just did not see the value in... Read More ; a group who couldn’t care less about consoles seeing as they’re always one step ahead in terms of hardware anyway.

Despite the small number of comments received, those who did do us the honor of taking part in the discussion made some very good points:..

Hopes: HD and 3D graphics, increased memory, better online play, higher frame rates, video recording on the fly, solid state drives, a redefinition of the gameplay experience, better motion control, mind controlled games.


Fears: DRM and locked content, no backwards compatibility, no used games, more expensive peripherals.

Further reading for those who are interested in this subject includes my opinion piece detailing why used games are not evil Why Used Games Are Not Evil [Opinion] Why Used Games Are Not Evil [Opinion] As a casual gamer I rarely buy brand new games. The number I've ever bought on launch day can be counted on one hand, though GTA V will be added to that short list soon.... Read More as the industry suggests, and Dave LeClair’s views 5 Things I Want From Next Generation Video Game Consoles [MUO Gaming] 5 Things I Want From Next Generation Video Game Consoles [MUO Gaming] The current generation of video game consoles is the longest in recent memory. The Xbox 360 came out over 6 years ago, and the PlayStation 3 came out shortly after that. Typically, a console lasts... Read More on the next generation. If you missed the original debate feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article… just be aware there is no points prize up for grabs.

Comment Of The Week

We had great input from the likes of Keefe Kingston, Robert Ruedisueli, and Harshit Jain, to name just a few. Comment Of The Week goes to Kyle O’Connor, who receives the respect of myself and hopefully everybody reading this:

Features I’m scared of…..
No backwards compatibility, no used games, required internet validation/connection, required Kinect, increased title costs, even more expensive controllers, effect on economies with no used games.
Features I look forward to…
More memory, better engines, better online play, better graphics, smoother gameplay, more online content, recordable gameplay on the fly, higher frame rate (hz)
There are so many things that worry/excite me about this upcoming generation of gaming. Especially since I’ve been a hardcore gamer for almost 20 years now. I do have an optimistic view for this new generation. I think it will be the best and most exciting generation yet! It’s just around the corner.

We liked this comment because Kyle used the opportunity to spell out exactly what he was hoping for and fearing from the next-gen consoles. His lists, both positive and negative, contain many of the things we’re also looking forward to/dreading. I personally suspect most of the things mentioned will come to pass on at least one of the next-gen consoles, which means the whole thing is likely to be a bittersweet experience.

We will be asking a new question tomorrow, so please join us then. We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. We ask you a question and you tell us what you think. The question is open-ended and is usually open to debate. Some questions will be purely opinion-based, while others will see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps for your fellow MakeUseOf readers. This column is nothing without your input, all of which is valued.

Image Credit: Blake Patterson

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  1. George
    March 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I have bought a PS3 a mounth ago and the next day i saw that the PS4 will come (trolled) my only fear is that the PS3 will die :(

  2. Naz Lazar
    February 21, 2013 at 2:52 am

    Kinda late here but; I wish I could use my keyboard and mouse with XBox 360, then I would convert over to consoles...well, at least play them more.

  3. gpvprasad
    February 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Nothing just more export to China for disposing at price.

  4. Nevzat Akkaya
    February 20, 2013 at 7:10 am

    It's a little bit irrelevant but I can't use my -many years old- game controller with Windows 8! What a scandal!

  5. Sh
    February 20, 2013 at 4:42 am

    I hope we could play games with nerve gear as the next-gen console, but could that kind of technology exist? could it be? :-/

    • Lisa Santika Onggrid
      February 20, 2013 at 4:45 pm

      Judging on how our technology has progressed over the past few years, I'm sure we could.

    • Dave Parrack
      February 21, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      One day, for sure, but we're still a couple of generations away from that.