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android stock appOnce you’ve built up a substantial financial buffer, you may be considering to invest some of that money. One of the most popular and possibly most profitable way to make money off of your investments is to buy and sell stocks. As a company becomes more successful, its stocks increase in value, which you can sell for a major profit. However, if the company does poorly, the stocks lose value and make your investment a failure. The value of the stocks can change rapidly, so it’s absolutely necessary to use the best tools to keep track of the stocks you own.

Google Finance

android stock app
Sometimes, you may not want to use a full featured Android stock app in order to keep track of stock values, but rather a simpler go-to app that gives you sufficient information. This go-to app would have to be Google Finance. It allows you to look for whichever stock you want to follow, no matter which stock exchange it’s located in, and track its current trading price. You can also look up history graphs of the stock’s value, as well as online news concerning the stock which can include statements from financial analysts. Despite the fact that the app was developed by Google, it doesn’t look like they took a lot of time to develop the app, as much of the information it pulls ends up being separate pages rather than loading information into the app’s own user interface. However, it definitely suffices for a quick check on your stocks.

Stock Quote

stock app for android
If you’d rather not use a tool from Google to track stocks, you can also use an app called Stock Quote. This app does a very similar job to Google Finance, but it presents the information in a very different user interface (that some users may find more “rough around the edges” than Google Finance). After launching the app, you’ll immediately be shown stock exchange indexes as well as stocks that you are following — both are completely open for customization. You can also search other stocks without adding them by typing in their symbol and tapping on Quote. In there, you’ll be presented with lots of useful information as well as buttons that can lead you to more information, news, and charts. Either app should help you to satisfactorily follow your stocks and notice any important changes to them.

Stock Watcher

stock app for android
The above two are useful Android stock apps, but enjoying a great user interface can make or break your experience with an app. If you want to follow your stocks with a friendly user interface, then Stock Watcher may be the best app for you. While this app allows you to search for any stock you’d like to follow and access a handful of useful information about the stock including charts, you can also switch between portfolios, and access indices as well as “market movers”. The market movers feature is especially important because it highlights well-performing stocks that you may want to look into. Therefore, the app does offer some guidance on what may be good to invest in, but please remember that you will have to make your own well-educated decisions.

Stock Market Simulator

android stock app
These three apps are great for giving you the information that you need to determine how well a stock is performing, but all of that information doesn’t help much if you don’t know what it actually means or if you don’t feel comfortable enough to actually buy or sell some stock based on the information you have. The best way to practice and learn, in my opinion, is through a simulator, and that’s what Stock Market Simulator is all about. In this simulator, you start out with $10,000 and are able to “buy” US stock. The app still uses real-world numbers to determine whether you make or lose money, so the simulator itself is completely accurate. However, since it’s a stock simulator, it is meant to be educational and not a tool that makes decisions for you. As far as games go, this one certainly isn’t the most interesting one you can play as your stocks change as slowly or quickly as the real stocks do, but it’s a great way to dive into the stock market without actually losing money. If you’d like a simulator for your computer, you can also try the UpDown Online Stock Market Trading Simulator UpDown Online Stock Market Trading Simulator Lets You Play Without Losing Money UpDown Online Stock Market Trading Simulator Lets You Play Without Losing Money Read More .


These four Android stock apps should help you to learn about stocks and the entire market, or to simply follow stocks that you’re interested in with plenty of information. Again, please only view these apps as informative because stock markets are extremely volatile — even the best analysts can be wrong occasionally. The stock market is an opportunity to make lots of money, but it’s also an opportunity to lose a lot of it as well.


What are your favorite apps to follow the stock market? Do you invest in the stock market regularly? Let us know in the comments!

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