What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

gmail plugins 300   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?Tweak Gmail to work exactly the way you want it to. Whether you want to integrate social media icons in your signature, see more information about your contacts, or deal with an email later instead of now, Chrome’s seemingly endless collection of extensions has you covered.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Gmail, you’ve come to the right place.

We take great pride in our list of the best Chrome extensions, and try to update it regularly. There are more than a few Gmail-related extensions to be found there, but they’re not all there – and there is no way to filter to only Gmail-specific plugins. This list is an attempt to remedy that.

Some of these extensions I use; some I hear about constantly from friends and colleagues. Everyone’s workflow is different, so not every extension will work for everyone. If you love Gmail, however, at least one of these tools is bound to make you happy.

Rapportive: Connect With Your Contacts

Email is, of course, only one way of connecting with people online. It makes sense, then, to integrate social networking sites with your email – if it’s done properly. Google knows this, so they integrated a single social network with Gmail – Google Plus.

If you need to connect with people who don’t work with Google, however, Rapportive is here. This browser extension shows you the social profiles – and recent activity – of anyone you’re communicating with online. It even gives you a quick way to connect with the people you’re contacting, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Rapportive social profiles   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

There’s a distinct chance this plugin could become terrible someday – it was recently acquired by LinkedIn. For now, however, it’s a pretty great Gmail extension for Chrome. Read more about Rapportive for Chrome (and know it works for several other browsers).

Boomerang: Schedule Emails For Future Reading

Email is overwhelming, and most of it involves people wanting you to do something. If you like to keep your inbox clean – and have a message you need to deal with at some point in the future – the aptly named Boomerang for Gmail is probably right for you. Thrown an email away only for it to come back to you later.

Boomerang Send Later   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

It’s particularly useful if you’re an Inbox Zero practitioner, but I think anyone can come up with a use for this one. Read more about Boomerang for Gmail

Use Gmail While Offline

Sometimes you’re simply not online. Many occasionally use third party email clients alongside Gmail for just this reason, but it’s not really necessary. If you’re a Chrome user you can use Gmail offline from within the browser – you simply need the appropriate Chrome app.

gmail offline   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

This simple, official Chrome app downloads as much of your email as you like. You won’t get the full Gmail experience – the interface is quite different. But you can read and respond to emails, knowing everything will be synced the next time you connect to the web. Read more about Offline Gmail.

WiseStamp: Create Fancier Signatures

Gmail, like most email clients, allows you to set a signature – but it’s boring. At least, that’s how many Gmail users feel, which is why WiseStamp exists. This Chrome extension allows you to easily add images, social networking icons and much more to your Gmail signature.

WiseStamp Editor   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

If you really want to spice up your email signatures this is not an extension to miss. Read more about WiseStamp.

Attachments.me: Explore Your Attachments Like A Pro

Gmail’s built-in search is great…if you’re searching for something within an actual email. If you’re trying to find text within a particular attachment you’d better remember the file name.

Unless, of course, you’ve installed Attachments.me. This extension adds all kind of extension-specific features to Gmail, including a better way to search:

If you struggle to keep track of attachments, this is not an extension to miss. Read more about Attachments.me.

Any.Do: A Better To-Do List

Find the default tasks service in Gmail too limited? You’re not alone. Luckily for you, popular alternative Any.Do is now available for Chrome.

any do chrome   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

Okay, so this isn’t strictly-speaking a Gmail extension. It is, however, a replacement for a part of Gmail many find lacking – and as such worth mentioning here.

Gmelius: Make Gmail Minimalist

Love Gmail, but wish you could remove certain features from it? Gemlius lets you do just that.

gmelius settings   What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

The extension is basically a series of checkboxes you can turn off to remove particular Gmail features. It also allows you to remove formatting from incoming emails, and adds attachment icons to your inbox. This one is worth exploring if you’re the kind of person who loves to tweak – and because you’re reading this article, I’m fairly certain you are. Read more about Gmelius.

Anything Else?

Try as I might, I could never compile a complete list of the great Gmail plugins for Chrome. With our powers combined, however, this should be perfectly possible. So I ask you: which awesome Gmail extensions for Chrome did I miss? Point them out in the comments below, and together we can make this a real collection of the best Gmail plugins for Chrome.

Don’t like installing extensions? Check out Gmail’s Labs instead. It’s a collection of advanced features you can add to Gmail without any extensions.

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David Moreira

The to-do list addon seems awesome, thanks.


Justin Pot



Facebook Chat Notification, The Camelizer and Checker Plus for Gmail™ for me.


ooh you missed smartr .. i moved from using Rapportive to it its pretty awesome and useful …

Justin Pot

Yeah, that’s a good one too. Thanks for the addition.

Emanuel Lopes

tell me extensions for firefox

Justin Pot

Some of these, like Rapportive, also work for Firefox. But perhaps we’ll need to do another roundup for Mozilla’s browser…

Rajaa Chowdhury

Before the Hangout session I was discussing about GMail Offline feature and the Chrome extension with Tina and other participants, and loo, next day you publish this article. This is perfect coincidence. :D I use it extensively and find it pretty useful.

Rajaa Chowdhury

I also used to use Boomerang earlier with my older GMail ID, but have not been using it with my newer ID. :)

Mark Lloyd

My favorites are: Boomerang Calendar, Awesome New Tab Page, WriteThat.name (Updates contacts automatically -from incoming emails),
Ginger (spell check)
Lastpass (for passwords)

But the best for keeping in boxes at or near zero and knowing what I need to take action on is: ActiveInbox.


Another vote for Checker Plus for Gmail™.

I also use Send using Gmail™ (no button).

Debbi H

Checker Plus for Gmail™ and Send using Gmail™ (no button)


Some nice add-ons!

Claire Curtis

“multiNotifier – for multiple Gmail™ accounts” – this is by far the most useful addon I have. It sits in Chrome’s menubar, with a number indicating number of unread messages. A pull-down menu indicates how many unread messages are in each of the gmail accounts. Clicking on the account name will bring you to the login page (and log you in automatically, if you have it set up that way).

If you have multiple family members using one computer, this is invaluable. Or, if you have multiple gmail accounts for personal/business use.

Justin Pot

I use Chrome’s built-in multiple profile feature to do something similar, but those who like notifications should probably check this out. Sounds cool.

Claire Curtis

Other useful addons:
“Send from Gmail (by Google)” – if you use a mail program some of the time, but want to send from gmail, this allows you to do so without actually opening a gmail window.

And of course, there are security and privacy addons such as WOT, Facebook Disconnect, etc.

Claire Curtis

Of course those last are not gmail addons – I got distracted.

Justin Pot

Doesn’t Chrome send using Gmail by default now? I’m pretty sure there’s no longer any need for an extension…


Hey Jason,

Check out TinyEmail, a free email shortening service. It is still too new and is listed in the Top new apps at Apps Market place here… http://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/
Let me know what you think


Justin Pot

Interesting, but I’m not sure what I’d use it for.


Thanks Justin for checking this out for me, I thought you did not respond because I had addressed you as Jason :) , anyways coming to your concern. There are a good % of emails that are “tweetworthy” i.e they have an informative subject line and some links in the body (isn’t that basically what twitter is!) so Tinyemail automatically creates this tweet in case you want to share it on twitter. What’s to be noted here is that personally emails will not show up “tweetworthy” . the cool thing is it works fully automatic and all you do is decide if you like to tweet it or not! Hope I was able to show its use.

David Clark

“Actions for Gmail”: Fairly new – pretty simple, but you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Adds an archive and/or delete button for each email in your message list: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/actions-for-gmail-beta/mclmmkhldnfokbgnhoibcgblghkmncem.

Stephanie Staker

Hey, Justin, I just went through a disgusting process with Wise Signature. Also, I don’t know the difference, apparently, between an app and an extension. I added Wise as an extension and when I tried to sign with FB, I wanted no changes to my pages so it failed. Next, I went to just adding a new account, right? It failed too. So I removed it entirely. If something is frustrating to me right out the gate, that is not a good sign to me. Just reporting! :)


Hey Stephanie, Apps and Extensions are 2 completely different animals

An app is more for a business unit, only Google Apps admin for the domain can install apps. Once installed all users within that domain will have access to the App. Link for Apps https://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/

An extension is more a individual oriented tool, you will download from Chrome webstore and can use immediately. Link for extensions https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon.

Most companies will create both Apps as well as extensions to do the same thing. However Apps are more professional.

Hope I was abnle to clarify this point.


Stephanie Staker

Thank you for the explanation. I had not seen “apps” before on Google so it makes sense that a consumer only sees extensions. Good to know this!

Justin Pot

Thanks for the report! I’ve never been in love with Wise Stamp, but so many people I know swear by it that I felt it needed to be included. I’ll continue not being in love with it based on your testimony. :)


Any.do is such a cool app! Thanks a lot. Luckily, I was able to install it on my Torch browser, wouldn’t want to switch back to chrome for this.

Niraj Ranjan Rout

You missed GrexIt (http://grexit.com). It lets you share your Gmail labels with any other Gmail or Google Apps user. Its really simple to use, and great to collaborate on projects, customer support and sales right from your inbox.

Justin Pot

This fascinates me. I’m going to look into it, for sure..


Wow, I didn’t know you can use Gmail offline! Thanks for the nice article, I think I found a lot of good apps. I am also going to install this to-do list instead of writing on slips all the time. :-)


Justin Pot

Thanks for the comment! We all love hearing someone found our work useful.