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When you need to send a large file such as a full-length movie or program to another person, doing so by e-mail can be tedious or simply not possible because of your e-mail service’s constraints. WeTansfer is a new file transferring service which allows you to easily transfer large (up to 2GB) files over the internet.

I say “˜easily’ because it really is. First of all, there is no need to register. I liked this because the fact of the matter is that the majority of users will only use this once or twice and don’t need any kind of account.

transfer large files over the internet

The only form you fill out is the one below which appears when you click “˜Go’ on the homepage. Tell it which file you want to send from your computer. Enter your e-mail address and that of the recipients and type a message.

When you click “˜Transfer’, the file is uploaded to their service. It will remain there for two weeks during which time the recipient is to follow a link in the e-mail the service sends him/her and download the file.



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