WetFloorMaker: Add Reflection To Image

WetFloorMaker is an online tool that lets you generate a wet floor reflecting effect for your images. To add reflection to image, simply upload the image, customize the angle, set camera height, adjust brightness, reflectivity, sky and floor colors. Finally, press on the “Generate” button. If you’re satisfied with the generated image then save to your computer using the “Save As…” option in the right-click menu.

ref   WetFloorMaker: Add Reflection To Image


  • Add reflection to photo online.
  • Add as many reflections as you like.
  • Customize angle, camera height, brightness, reflectivity, sky / floor colors and size:
      – Angle: lets you rotate the image left or right
      – Camera height: View images from above or bottom
      – Image sizes (pixels): from 160×120 to 1024×768
  • Free, no sign up.
  • Similar tools: Reflection Maker, WaveMyPic, MirrorEffect and PicReflect.

Try WetFloorMaker @ www.wetfloormaker.com

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