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Is there a particular picture on your computer with an amazing color scheme? Would you like to incorporate a similar color scheme into your graphic designs? If yes, then you require the picture’s color palette: a list of all the colors used in the picture. Here to help you get that is a tool called Wenovo Pictures to Color.

color palette of image

Wenovo Pictures to Color is a freeware application for Windows computers. The app is sized under 1 MB and installs quickly. Once the app has been installed on your computer you can open nearly any image file on your computer from the app.

The picture is quickly opened and its color palette is instantly shown. You can export the entire palette to an HTML file or you can click on individual colors to obtain their HEX, RGB, HSB, and HSL codes.


With these simple steps, you are able to use the color palettes of pictures stored on your computer.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • Lets you get color palette of digital pictures.
  • Supports wide number of file formats.
  • Provides you with HEX, RGB, HSB, and HSL codes for colors.
  • Lets you export palette to HTML file.

Check out Wenovo Pictures to Color @ 

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