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We often associate our to-do lists with work, which often deflates the fun of having lists. But what about to-do lists for fun and personal stuff that you want to share with friends? This is where a new app for either the iPhone or the web, called Well comes in.


Well works like Springpad or Google Schemer. It can become an idea bank that friends share, or stuff that one wants to do in the future, from getting groceries, catching a movie, or going out of town. By knowing what your friends are up to, you can connect with them and do things together.

With Well, you can take items from your friends’ list or share things. Lists are made public so you can break down things you want to do. Some of the more useful lists include “things to read”, “trip to San Francisco”, or “cooking eggs”. Friends can follow and suggest to friends, or like and comment on to-do items.

Well is a cool app that keeps you on your toes. Like any good social network, your experience depends on the people you follow, so you can create a nice niche and connect with like-minded individuals and know what they want to do.


  • Find and share to do list with friends.
  • Comment and like to-do items.
  • Curate lists a-la Pinterest for things to do.
  • Sleek and beautiful interface.
  • Relist items.

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