WeightMirror: See Yourself Thinner

Want to loose weight and need something to keep you motivated? Check out WeightMirror.com, it is an online application that lets you upload your own photo and see yourself thinner. You can see how would you look skinny (say if you lost 10, 20 30, 40 or 50 lbs).

The process is really quick and takes about a minute. First you need toy upload your photo and properly align your face. Next wait for WeightMirror to get your “skinny” look. It puts the new image next to original one so you can see the difference. You can also print out both of the pictures

weightmirror   WeightMirror: See Yourself Thinner


  • View yourself thinner online for free.
  • BMI Calculator also included.
  • Print a before and after report.
  • Quick and simple.

Check out WeightMirror @ www.weightmirror.com

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