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wegameI was at a friend’s place a few days ago, and I was very interested in his homepage. It was a really interesting site, and one I’m ashamed of as a gamer to only have discovered it now.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with YouTube. Some of you will browse through it for the music, some for vodcasts, but nearly everyone visits this site from time to time. It’s not an overstatement to say that it has become one of the most fundamental websites of this generation.

Various YouClones have stood up over time. Great sites, nearly all of them, but only a few have managed to actually serve something fresh and new.

This particular site, WeGame, has actually managed to bring something different.


WeGame, like I said in the title, is like YouTube for video games and gamers, one of the big differences being that both pictures and videos are supported.

On this site, you’ll find a wide variety of gaming videos, ranging from video reviews and in-game material, to machinima.


Machinima is a type of application that allows you to go on the Spielberg tour with your games, using the in-game engine, models and textures to ‘direct’ your own video.

The results of this are often very funny videos, or alternatively, very awesome videos.

WeGame App

WeGame is a site, but also an application. It’s a very lightweight program that runs in the background and one you can use to snap or record in-game screenshots and videos – both in standard resolution and high-definition.

These videos can then be easily uploaded to WeGame, where they can be viewed, commented on and rated by the others members of the WeGame community.

Another feature is to automatically share your videos with friends. Contact information can be easily imported from your Yahoo, Google or Windows Live mail accounts during the installation.

wegame client

The supported games include, but are not limited to:

A complete list of the supported games can be found here. Other games will be available in the (near) future, after intensive testing periods.


In short, WeGame features both a great 2.0 website and a nifty application, and is supported by a wonderful community. It’s the place to go for a wide range of interests, from reviews to great videos.

So go to the site, have some fun, and be a part of it. Grab the application and try making your own videos. We’ll get back to machinima later on.

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