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When musicians practice classical music, they have corresponding music accompaniments playing in the background to assist them. Musicians in search of classical music for their instrument should head on over to Weezic.

free music accompaniments

Weezic is a free to use website that has a wide range of classical music for a number of musical instruments. On the site you can search for music according to its name, composer, or instrument. The results are displayed and can be played on the site’s own audio player. The player allows you to play the composition with or without your own musical instrument; for example you can have a sonata for violin played without the violin solo or with the entire orchestra.


You can also upload your own interpretations of classical music on the site to share them.

For more info watch demo video below:



Check out Weezic @

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  1. NicoArbogast
    March 22, 2011 at 7:37 pm


    I'm Weezic Co-founder. Thanks MakeUseOf for the review which we've put on Weezic blog page:
    "They talk about us"...

    Weezic is in Beta version for now. For each classical work on Weezic, you can already find free sheet music and free scores for each classical instrument, with mp3 accompaniments (play-along), and share your interpretations with other classical musicians. Access to all these resources is 100% free during the whole Beta

    Musicians, Join us and Play Music!

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    See you soon on !