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In the course of our lives we end up giving favors or showing generosity to our friends. However, unlike money, these things are rarely acknowledged. Wederbank is an iOS app that lets you track favors with your friends. This way, you will know whether you owe a favor from your friends, or if they owe you back, allowing you to connect together and help each other out.

keep track of favors

When used properly Wederbank is a powerful tool among group of friends. For example, instead of finding services or professional help, you might have friends who can get things done for you for free, saving you time and money. Wederbank tracks all of this so that when they need your help, you can help out too.

To start, you can add contacts to Wederbank through your Facebook account. Add an entry by tapping “received a favor from” or “did a favor for”. You can also negotiate favors by opening a deal, and then setting the details of the exchange.

Wederbank is an iOS app that reminds us that not everything is about money and that the sincerity and kindness of people does not have a price, but brings great value nonetheless.



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  1. Rob Hindle
    August 25, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    Sounds like a "must have" app for every mafia boss...