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Instagram enthusiasts now have a new place to interact and exchange notes as Webstagram has launched the first online forum for all Instagram lovers. Instagram has nearly 40 million users, but until now there were few community-centered places where they could actually match up each other’s interests.

Webstagram is one of the more popular online Instagram photo viewers. Now, with the launch of the forum on Webstagram, you not only can view the latest on Instagram but also hold conversations (for instance, “Who is your favorite Instagrammer”?)with fellow members and get fresh ideas.

Instagram users can sign-into the forum with their Instagram accounts and enjoy the the diverse range of categories available such as Editing, Travel, and even Trash. The Instagram community also covers other non-photographic topics like Shopping, Beauty, and Films. Webstagram hopes the community will grow into a popular hangout for all Instagram users where Instagram users around the world can contribute ideas and even ask questions with the rest of the photo-sharing community.

The online Instagram viewing service of Webstagram is already a popular one with almost 100 million page views in the last 30 days. Webstagram also has a Facebook Group that is also well-frequented (179K Likes). The forum is a natural extension for all Instagram centered conversations and even those not connected to the app.

Browse across to the Webstagram forum and tell us your first impressions.


Source: PRWeb

  1. DonFphrnqTaub Persina
    December 9, 2012 at 12:10 am

    What can someone do about instaram if no celluar accunt, no smartphone, just a very old computer.

    I can neither edit nor delete messages on makeuseof. &, they are not appearing.

    Thank You,

    DonFphrnqTaub Persina

  2. Peter
    October 27, 2012 at 1:37 am

    Check out, it's an awesome way to make a website and store to sell your Instagram photos

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