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Websnap is a handy little Android application which allows you to put a snapshot of any public website on your Android’s home screen. The snapshot will refresh at given intervals or on demand.

You could use Websnap to deliver snapshots of any site you want to keep track of. For instance, news websites or webcams would be perfect.

To set up Websnap, you just need to navigate to the website and select the region of the website you’d like to take snapshots of. If you are looking at a news site, for instance, you could select the area where the top news stories of the day are shown.


The snapshots are taken at high resolution and with a zoom enabled to focus on just the region you selected. This ensures you receive the best quality snapshot possible.


However, it’s not possible to take snapshots of websites which require a login.


  • Shapshot of any public website.
  • Widget of snapshot can be placed on Android home screen.
  • Refresh widget automatically or manually.
  • Share widget snapshots to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Check out Websnap @

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