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diet tipsPeople diet for many different reasons.  It could be that they have an illness such as diabetes that would require a special diet.  It could also be that in order to be healthy, some weight loss could be in order.  Whatever the reason for the needed diet, we all would love to do it without spending a huge amount of money.

The Internet is good at helping us to save money.  We used to have to buy books (and other information sources) in order to learn about dieting and cooking healthy food. Now we can now hit up the ol’ Internet and find stuff for free!  We can also find free online diets and diet tips to keep our costs low.

You will find four different categories of links in this article that should get you well on your way to dieting on a budget: nutritional guides, recipe sites, counters and calculators, and journaling.

Nutritional Guides

free online diets

In order to begin eating healthy, you’ll need to figure out what foods are good and what foods are bad.  Some of these guides will help you see what is in some restaurant foods while others will offer some overall good nutritional information on many different foods.


Recipe Sites

free online diets

Cooking at home can be a great way to control your diet.  This way you don’t have all of that junk that restaurants put into their food.  True, you could hit up one of those bookstores and find some good healthy recipe books but isn’t it easier to find recipes for free online?  There are sites that will help you avoid eating out, sites that will help you cook on a budget, and sites containing healthy recipes.  Any of these sites will help you eat healthier and keep your costs low.

Counters & Calculators

free online diets

While on your journey to dieting, you’ll want to make use of some tools that will help you “see the numbers.”  Use some of these tools in order to find your target weight, count calories, and even map an exercise route.


diet tips

What better way to keep an eye on how you’re doing and to get back on track than to keep a journal?  This list of links will give you instructions on how to keep a journal and one even has a free online journaling tool for you to make use of.

Sure, you can go out and buy books, pay money for those diet tips and plans, and even spend money on tools to help you diet.  The purpose of this list of resources is to help you get it done on a budget.  The tools here are free and many of the recipes are inexpensive to make (avoiding restaurants alone will help your diet and your pocketbook).

What tools and sites can you suggest to help someone dieting on a budget?

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