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A lot of us always get a kick out of Google search suggestions (case in point – Google Reveals What Boyfriends & Girlfriends Search For). These most searched terms represents our collective mind that when analysed can be very fascinating.

One web app that uses this Google feature is WebSeer. This tool allows you to compare Google Suggest results and reveal which questions or thoughts are most frequently searched for on the web.

You can try it out by typing in the beginnings of questions in each search box such as “is he“, “who is” “why doesn’t she“, “are men“, “where is” and more. You can see the diagrams appear as you type.


The words that will appear are the questions most commonly asked by individuals through the web. The width of the arrows indicates the frequency of the search queries. The striking comparisons appear when gendered questions are weighted against each other like “will he” and “will she” comparisons.

WebSeer can be quite helpful in comparing the common qualms, interests, prejudices, and concerns of people.



  • Lets you see what other people are asking when they search the web.
  • Enter queries in the two search boxes to compare Google suggest results.
  • Flash needed to work.
  • Free; no sign-up required.

Check out WebSeer @

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