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Couple of days ago I was looking for an efficient comment tracking tool and while I was on it I decided to publish my top 2 selections. In case you never used one, these free tools let you easily follow-up on articles you comment. You can monitor blog posts, digg submissions, flickr Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Read More pictures, answer/question websites and pretty much anything with comments. So if you need something of that kind, have a look at somewhat better options below;


  • How to install: signup and install commentful browser addon(aka The blinker). You should be using either firefox or flock browser in order to install it.
  • How to track: go to the webpage you want to track, open right-click menu and select “Add to Commentful” (update: commentful also has a bookmarklet.)
  • Get notified: either by small blinker on your taskbar or by email


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