Webreader: Wonderful AIR-based desktop client for Google reader

You can easily add your RSS feeds to Google Reader and stay updated with your favorite websites. But for many people, the interface of Google Reader is too basic. For them, a better alternative to Google Reader’s native web interface would be the visually appealing desktop Reader client, WebReader.

webreader   Webreader: Wonderful AIR based desktop client for Google reader

WebReader is a desktop client for Google Reader. It is cross-platform since it is based on Adobe AIR. The setup file is sized at 1.4MB and the program installs very quickly. You provide the application with your Google account username and password for it to fetch your subscriptions from Google Reader. Later you can add feeds from within the client. Your feeds are clearly categorized in the left pane with the article being displayed in the right pane. You can further categorize the feeds and articles through different folders. You can quickly search the articles using the search bar located in the top left. New items in the feed are quickly followed by a desktop notification. Three different views are available for articles: details, summaries, and titles.

webreader1   Webreader: Wonderful AIR based desktop client for Google reader

The font size of articles can be easily adjusted. Any article you like can be directly emailed, tweeted, or shared on Facebook from within the application.

webreader2   Webreader: Wonderful AIR based desktop client for Google reader

From the images above you can see that WebReader’s interface is a lot more appealing than the native web interface of Google Reader. Once you make the switch, you will never again log onto Google Reader in your web browser.


Check out WebReader @ www.getwebreader.com

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I installed this app. It’s really great and also has a good design, comparing it with any other rss desktop reader for Windows ;).
And even better, it’s completely free. Awesome :>!


This application is great. is far more than other applications 10 x!!Gj man