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Copying the CSS off your website, changing it in a regular text editor, and then returning to your browser to preview the changes is not the best way to go about the process. Here to make matters much easier and simpler is a web service called WebPutty.

css editor with preview

WebPutty is a currently free web service for developers. The site lets you easily edit, preview, and publish the CSS for your websites. You sign into the site using your Google account. Next you add your websites and add a link tag plus a script tag to the end of your website’s <head> element. From then on, you will easily be able to view the stylesheets for your added sites on your WebPutty dashboard.

Along with added lines and syntax highlighting, the CSS editor for the stylesheets lets you preview your changes. Two preview modes – preview and publish – let you view the editing stage and the published result of your CSS. The URL of the stylesheet being edited can be found at the top of your preview pane. A publish button in the CSS editing area lets you implement your modified CSS right away.




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