Webplanner: Project Management Tool For Time Critical Teams

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While there is no rarity of project management tools online, Webplanner is a new app that takes a nice approach to help teams get things done. This collaborative and team tasking tool lets you manage project goals, phases, tasks, and subtasks nicely with the addition of an easy-to-digest Gannt chart that will keep teams on-point with priorities. While there are several project tools that offer this feature, Webplanner is one of the few that pushes time charts in the dashboard to display project status.

project management tool for teams

Webplanner offers several ways to view project statuses quickly, including e-mail notifications, print reports, project status pie reports, lists of approaching tasks per project and per member, team statuses, and project activity lists. Although many may feel iffy about the app being run on Microsof Silverlight, the interface is surprisingly swift. Adding projects, tasks, goals, and phases is a breeze thanks to the Wizard feature that helps set everything up for you.

Webplanner is a great tool for teams who work on time critical projects where careful prioritization is required. It is currently available for free in its beta stage, but it seems like it is ready for prime time.


  • Project management tool with focus on project urgency.
  • Gives graphic sense of time and project status.
  • Track projects at a glance with the project pie chart.
  • Print project reports.
  • Easy wizard to organize projects.
  • Similar Tools: Cohuman, Gantter, Freedcamp, and Collabtive.

Check out Web Planner @ www.webplanner.com/pages/index.php

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