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WebPagetest is a web tool that lets you test the load speed of your website. It puts your website through various load scenarios to test whether your pages execute quickly or not.

test load speed of website

Each test runs from a server location that you specify. You can choose a browser and network configuration, set-up the various test options such as number of runs, parallel browser connections, HTTP basic authentication, scripting, and block request.

You can also check your pages’ load performance against the provided optimization checklist. Pagetest does a great job of breaking down the elements within your pages while measuring their load speed. This is handy if you want to know what slows up your webpages.


  • Run your website through various page load scenarios.
  • Page test results are available for first view and repeat view.
  • View and compare your page load results against an optimization checklist.
  • Breaks down the load speed of different elements in your website.
  • Similar tool: WebSite Speed Test and WebWait.

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