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Capturing a screenshot of a website gives a more permanent record of its content rather than saving the URL, since the site content can be changed. Here to help you capture webpage screenshots is a tool called Webpage & Webcam Screenshot.

webpage webcam screenshot

Webpage & Webcam Screenshot is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome. This browser extension lets you take screenshots of the webpages you visit. You can capture screenshots of only the visible webpage area or the entire webpage. You have the option to save the screenshots in either PNG or JPG file formats. The extension lets you modify the text on the webpage too; the text fields are detected and made editable before you take the screenshot.

webpage webcam screenshot

You can also use your webcam to capture screenshots thanks to the extension. Previews of the website screenshot and webcam screenshot can be seen in the extension’s menu which appears when you click on the extension’s icon in Chrome’s address bar. Screenshots can be taken from this menu or using the hotkey shortcuts supported by the extension.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you take screenshots of webpages.
  • Take full page screenshots or only visible area screenshots.
  • Can capture images from webcam as well.

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