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WebNotes is a new toolbar that gives you the ability to add worthwhile sticky notes to web pages – and much more.

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Basically, this tool is targeted at those who analyze and share the web such as researchers, power- web users, PR firms and big businesses.

After downloading the toolbar and completing the very helpful tutorial on the website you’ll be able to highlight portions of the webpage, add sticky notes to it and then save it to your profile. It also allows you to convert the webpage along with all of your notes into PDF format so you can e-mail it to people to see your thoughts about the page.

web markup

It’s really easy to set-up and use. Within ten minutes I had a PDF webpage saved and was familiar with the toolbar. It will work on multiple browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome; all of which have their own tutorial to meet the needs of the user.


To learn more watch demo below:

WebNotes is not the only app for annotating web pages, other such tools that we profiled on MakeUseOf include RoohIt, iCyte, Ibrii, Markkit, AwesomeHighlighter and some more Top Web Annotation Tools: Annotate+Bookmark+Collaborate Top Web Annotation Tools: Annotate+Bookmark+Collaborate Read More .

Check out WebNote @

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