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Are you one of those people who Google their name on the Internet? Well if so, there is one more way of doing that. Enter WebMii, an online people search engines where you can search for public information about you and other people. The website displays information about a person gathered from various social networks, websites, and online documents. Each person also has his own PeopleRank which is their visibility score on the internet.

online people search engines

WebMii lets you search for a person using a name or a keyword, or both, using the advanced search. If the name that you search for is common among many people, you can click on tags to further narrow down the results.

WebMii utilizes various websites such as Facebook, Friendster, Google, Twitter and Yahoo to gather information. Additionally, the site displays links to Xing and Friendfeed so you can also search for that person on those sites easily.



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