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One part of running a website successfully is using a lot of webmaster tools. The function of these tools is to help you determine how popular your website is online, how fast it loads, and what can possibly be improved about the site. Normally a website owner would try out each webmaster tool individually as that is how the tools are made. But thanks to a website called Webmaster Tools you can use multiple webmaster tools simultaneously.

useful webmaster tools

Webmaster Tools is a free to use website that offers you numerous webmaster tools in a single interface. The best part about using these tools is that you do not have to use them individually. All you have to do is enter the URL of the site you want to test and begin. Webmaster Tools will quickly generate SEO and site stats reports and finally score your website based on a scale of 100 points.

Scrolling down the results page will reveal page rank stats such as Google PageRank, Alexa, Bing, and Alexa backlinks.


Social media stats are also given and broken down into categories for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


Your website is thoroughly scanned and information about links and images is neatly sorted into inside links, outside links, images on page, and image with captions.

Miscellaneous other site information such as domain age and page loading time is provided in a dedicated section labeled Website Information.

Another things the results page reveals is which directories your website is indexed in. Dmoz, Archive, and Yahoo Directories index results are shown.

In case you would like to use the search engine stats results as buttons to be embedded on your own website, you are provided with their embeddable code. You can get buttons for all SEO pages or individual ones for PageRank and Alexa Rank.

Clearly, Webmaster Tools is one website all webmasters should bookmark and regularly use.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers various webmaster tools.
  • Scores your website based on SEO.
  • Provides embeddable buttons for SEO results.
  • Provides miscellaneous site information.

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