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If you are looking for background textures you can add to your websites, then you should check out WebGround. This simple online resource offers a gallery for different background textures which anyone can use for free in almost all types of websites.

free background textures

To use the background textures available in WebGround, you can browse through thousands of images by clicking each section at the top of the screen. Categories include light grays, medium grays, dark grays, light colors, medium colors, and dark colors. A simple guide on how to view and use the textures on your own website is also made available together with the texture samples.

If you need to change the colors of texts and links on your website to complement the texture, you can click the “how-to” section at the bottom of the screen and find instructions with HTML codes that you can use to accomplish this.

free background textures

WebGround can be very useful for beginners looking for ways to enhance their website and create more appealing designs.


free background textures


  • Offers free, original background textures for your website.
  • Browse through different categories.
  • See a preview of the background with accompanying text.
  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Provides instructions on how to download and use them.
  • Similar Tools: Dotter, StripedBGs, AVA7 Patterns, LoveTextures, and GrungeTextures.

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