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Web developers see websites differently. Instead of the usual front-end, web developers see the blueprint where they visualize the layout, structure, CSS sheets, and headings of a webpage. Web Developer extension is a development tool within your Chrome browser to let you filter views, edit, and diagnose webpages to check for implementation issues.


Once installed, you will get a toolbar where you can toggle all features of Web Developer. It lets you work on outlines, forms, CSS, and images. You also get miscellaneous tools like color picker, ruler and more. You can also view the source of the webpage and automatically validate your pages to different web standards.


Web Developer is also a great learning and intelligence tool for those who want to check out how other websites are designed and coded.


  • Web development tool within browser (Chrome and Firefox).
  • Auto-validate web page to different standard.
  • Color picker too lets you find the color of an element.
  • View layouts, hide images, and view all in column.
  • Toggle CSS views.

Check out Web Developer for Chrome @ – You can also get the Firefox version @

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