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Animated GIFs can serve as excellent avatars for your online networking or forum accounts. Normally you would create a GIF image of your own pictures by taking different snapshots through your webcam, then passing the shot images through a GIF creator. Using 2 or more apps for the process normally becomes necessary. However with an app called WebCam Avatar, the process can be completed within a single tool.

webcam avatar

WebCam Avatar is a free to use web app that lets you create animated GIFs from images taken through your webcam. You need not register for any accounts on the site. All you do is visit the tool’s homepage and then grant it access to your webcam. You can begin shooting images from your webcam from then onwards. By letting you select a few GIF-specific options such as frame interval and maximum width and height, the app quickly generates a GIF avatar.

webcam avatar

The resulting GIF image can be directly downloaded. A sharing URL and an embeddable HTML code for the GIF are also provided.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create GIF animations through images taken from webcam.
  • Takes images from webcam.
  • Lets you control frame interval.
  • Similar tools: 3Frames, 99Colors and GIFup.
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