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WebAsyst is web based application suite featuring 8 different services. Each WebAsyst service comes in free or premium options. Unless you’re planning to use it extensively free account options should suffice.

WebAsyst -  Tools to asist you on the web

WebAsyst Features/Services

  • WebAsyst File Storage: Upload and Share files with friends. Allow friends to upload files as well. (*)
  • WebAsyst Photo Service: Save and share (embed) photos online. (*)
  • WebAsyst Contact Manager: Track your contacts and respective details online. (*)
  • WebAsyst Email: Create Newsletters, Announce events, etc. (*)
  • WebAsyst Project: Create, Track and Collaborate on Group project online. (*)
  • WebAsyst Issues: Online issue tracking solution. (*)
  • WebAsyst Notes: Organize and Share your Notes and ToDo’s. (*)
  • WebAsyst Pages: Create and Publish manuals, tutorials, handouts, quick tours, etc. (*)
  • Shopping Cart: Create your own online store and shopping cart and embed it on any website or blog. Supports most of the popular payment options.

(*) Free accounts are limited to 50 items (depending on the service), 5 users and 20 MB of storage.

WebAsyst Video Overview

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