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There are many reasons why somebody would want to save webpages as PDF. In addition to providing a smoother reading experience, webpages in the form of PDF documents can be read without an internet connection, carried on most mobile devices, converted into a print-ready version and saved on your computer for future reference.

There are many ways to save a webpage as PDF, but one of the simplest tools is Web2PDF. Simply go to and enter the URL of any page you want to convert to PDF. That page will be saved as PDF and can be opened in your favorite PDF reader or downloaded to your hard drive.

By default, the page is saved in A4 size but by clicking on options, a different size can be chosen. Other options include choosing portrait vs. landscape orientation, specifying margins, choosing from 4 different image qualities and date stamping your PDF.

convert web pages to pdf

If you don’t find going to convenient, simply install an add-on for your favorite browser. The extensions are available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. For all other browsers, just drag the bookmark to your bookmarks bar and you will be able to convert webpages to PDF by just clicking the bookmarklet.

If you have limited access to internet, you can also convert webpages to PDF by emailing the URL to


convert web pages to pdf

If you have your own website or blog, you can insert a custom button that will let your site visitors convert any page to PDF with a single click. All you need to do is choose a style for your button and copy/paste the code on your website. You can customize the button by entering the label of your choice and uploading a custom image.

convert web pages to pdf


  • Convert webpages to PDF by just entering the URL.
  • Customize size, orientation and quality of your PDF.
  • Get quicker access through browser add-ons and bookmarks.
  • Insert a Convert To PDF button on your website or blog.
  • Convert web pages to PDF by sending an email.
  • Use the forum to discuss bugs, features and more.
  • No registration required.

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