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Web2.0calc is an free, web2.0 styled cool online calculator that can perform complex arithmetic calculations and plot graphs right from inside your browser.

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For example, to calculate cube root of 64, enter 64 in the input box, click 3√x button and hit enter. The answer would neatly show up above the calculator frame.

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To plot a graph of say sin(x) where -45< x < 45, click on Plot button, enter the required range and hit enter. This is how the graph would be rendered.

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Ok, so what is Web2.0ish about it? Check out Expert Calc2.0 link on the bottom right side. From there you can not only perform your calculations but also share your calculations with others. Furthermore it also gives you an option to embed calculations on to your blog or a web page.


  • Scientific calculator tool online.
  • Perform complex arithmetic calculations from your browser.
  • Plot graphs inside the calculator window.
  • Share calculations with others.
  • Embed calculation in a web-page.
  • Easy to use and Free.
  • Other cool online calculators: Encalc, eCalc and InstaCalc.

Check out Web2.0Cal @

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