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There is one old Russian saying; ‘V semye ne bez uroda’, which when translated means something like ‘in each happy family there is always someone who mess things up’. As I kept discovering more web2.0 era websites I concluded that same goes for web2.0 as well. Along with all the beauties like, digg and flickr and concepts like tagging and RSS feeds web2.0 also brought us some hilarious examples. And below I list my top 5

Isolatr offers exactly opposite of what you get with social networking sites. That is to say, there are no friends, no community, no accounts to create,no support stuff but just you.As they say:” Our patented Isolatr technology: Helping you find where the other people aren’t.” Still confused? Check out FAQ Section


Bullshitr is a bullshit generator for Web 2.0 service descriptions. Although, you’ll need some tech background to make out what’s complete bullshit and what’s just partially, it’s still funny. In case you need a funky name for your new startup give it a try. Only few understand it anyway. It can also tip you on how you can sell your idea to Yahoo. (Some of the bullshit I got; “undefined social tagclouds”, “integrate authentic folksonomies”)

In bullshitr words we can name it “user-centered, collaborative social network for wankers and alike”
In wankr words:…wankr is a place for web 2.01 people to gather together in one humongous circlejerk so they can masturbate each other into a sticky frenzy over useless, meaningless bullshit.”

first and highly successful web2.0 beggar



Extortr claims to provide ‘the most efficient way to blackmail somebody’. All it takes; (1) upload controversial video or photo., (2.) set blackmail price and send anonymous email threat (“sex on the beach? caught u on ur hols in blackpool… thought there was no one else around??”) and (3) If they do not pay, your upload goes public.

Let me know in case I missed something important :-)

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