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In case you never came across any ‘Web Annotation’ service before, than basically what it is, is a bookmarking tool (usually in the form of browser addon or bookmarklet) that allows users to annotate (add sticky notes, highlights, etc.) any desired webpage and store it online.

There are many cool things you can do with them, i.e. (1) quickly add sticky-like memos to your bookmarks, (2) bookmark long articles with relevant text being highlighted, (3) store, organize and tag annotated pages online and most importantly (4) share your annotations with friends or project/assignment group members.

(1) Diigo

Features: (Demo)

  • Add notes and in-page highlights
  • Store, Tag (categorize) and Share webpages (via email, RSS, blog, group, etc.) along with your notes and highlights
  • Create groups (i.e. private group for team members)
  • Subscribe to specific webpages’ notes (i.e. to all notes tagged as ‘funny’)
  • Right-click menu option to search for highlighted terms (on websites, on major search-engines, social bookmarking systems, blogs, etc.)
  • Supported browsers: IE, Firefox and Flock
  • Suitable for collaboration

(2) Stickis



  • Add notes
  • Save, Share and Tag (categorize) your notes
  • View, save and comment on webpage’s notes by other users from any webpage
  • Subscribe to notes by others (by tag, by webpage, by user)
  • Create groups
  • Supported browsers: IE and Firefox
  • suitable for collaboration

(3) SharedCopy

Features: (Demo)

  • Add notes, in-page highlights, draw lines, circles and squares
  • Store annotated webpages and Share them with others via URL
  • Follow-up on changes made to specific pages via RSS
  • Integration with Twitter and BaseCamp
  • Supported browsers: All
  • suitable for collaboration

(4) Fleck


  • Add notes
  • Publish annotated pages on your blog
  • Share annotated webages with friends (via URL)
  • notes can be edited and saved by anyone knowing it’s location
  • Supported browsers: IE, Firefox + Bookmarklets

(5) [NO LONGER WORKS] MyStickies


  • Add notes
  • Store, Tag and Search annotations
  • Supported browsers: Firefox

(6) JKN (discontinued)


  • Add notes to one or multiple pages
  • Add numbered points between words
  • Comment on and print annotated webpages
  • Share annotated webpages via URL, email or blog
  • Supported browsers: IE and Firefox

(7) TrailFire


  • Add notes (aka trail marks) and save annotated webpages
  • Categorize annotated webpages (assign them to Trails)
  • Invite others to view and collaborate (wiki-style) on your trails
  • Subscribe to desired Trails
  • Supported browsers: IE and Firefox

(8) DrawHere


  • Add notes, highlights and drawings
  • Save, Tag and Search your annotations
  • Share annotated webpages (via email or embed in your blog)
  • Supported browsers: All

(9) ShiftSpace (no longer available)


  • Add notes, highlights, add/change images and text
  • Save and Share annotated/edited pages via RSS
  • Supported browsers: Firefox (requires Greasemonkey)

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