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Are you looking for a fun way to make some cool video clips by mixing together YouTube videos, Loopcam animated GIFs and music from SoundCloud? With these three services, you can mix together some really cool stuff and make your own fun projects without much work involved. Of course, finding a way to get all three of the services together is easier said than done. However, with the cool website Weavly, you can easily browse and search the three services and edit your videos together with ease.


With Weavly, you can simply search for what you need in your video clip, and drag and drop it into the timeline. Once you have the video or music in, you can use the options within the web app to fine-tune to video properties. It’s very simple, and the timeline layout looks similar to any standard video editing application. It’s simple enough to use for anyone, even if you’ve never played with video and audio editing before.


Once you are finished playing around with adding your audio and video clips to the timeline, you can create the video and share it with your friends on various social networks. If you make something cool and want to share it, the app makes it easy for you. I can totally see this app leading to creation of some really funny viral videos on the web.


  • Edit videos with SoundCloud, YouTube, and Loopcam
  • Simple tutorial shows you how to create with the app
  • Share your creations on all kinds of social networks

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