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If you have ever wanted to be a weatherman, Weathermob is the iPhone application for you. Weathermob is like a social network dedicated to weather. Users can go on the application and share thoughts, videos and photos of the weather in real-time. It also links with Facebook and Twitter, so users can share with their already existing networks.

weather social network

Weathermob also has traditional weather forecasts for users looking for the more typical weather experience. For those looking for the more interesting stuff, the app will use your location to find shares from other Weathermob users near you. It’s an interesting and fun way to find out what people around you think of the current weather conditions.

In addition to local users, you can also save friends and favorite locations to find out what people are saying about the weather all around the world. If you are always curious what it is like in Australia, this app will keep you in the loop, at least when it comes to the weather.



Find Weathermob on the iTunes App Store and @

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