WeatherBug – Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

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WeatherBug Logo   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]One of the most underrated types of mobile apps are those that can give you the latest weather predictions. Sure, iOS comes with the weather forecast by default, but the amount of data it provides is most certainly lacking. Thankfully, there are services available such as The Weather Channel, Accuweather, and plenty of others that can help you find out more details about the weather that is bearing down on you.

One that stands among the best of them is WeatherBug. This weather service has been around for as long as I can remember in one form or another, and it actually the second most used weather resource, only falling behind The Weather Channel. The reason for its popularity is simply the fact that it is incredibly good. It’s easy to use, has all the detailed information you could want, and most importantly, it’s accurate (well, as accurate as predicting weather can be).

If you want to find out the weather predictions from your iPhone, do yourself a favor and download WeatherBug.

Using The App

WeatherBug1   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

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When you first boot up the application, it will ask you to allow it to see your current location. Obviously, if you want it to automatically give you the forecast where you are, you will have to say yes. You can manually enter your location, or any other location for that matter, if you prefer not to let the app know where you are. Personally, I prefer to have it know where I am for ease of use, but it all comes down to how much privacy you want.

WeatherBug5   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

Once you are done entering locations, the app will take you to the main screen where you can see the current conditions at a glance. This screen shows key data such as the current temperature, how much wind there is, the dew point, and if there are any alerts that could cause a problem for you.

WeatherBug4   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

Next to wind on the main screen, you will see a small arrow. If you click this, you will be able to see more detailed information about the current conditions. This screen will show you things like sunset, sunrise, precipitation, humidity, and so on. For the weather app user who likes to know every finite detail, this is a hidden little part of the app you will want to frequent.

WeatherBug6   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

Controlling the app is accomplished through the buttons on the bottom of the screen. The first button is the main screen, and the one after that is the seven-day forecast. On this screen you can click any of the days to see more detailed information about what is coming.

WeatherBug7   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

The button after the seven-day is the lifestyle forecasts. From here you can see the golf, nature, aches and pains, beauty, and pollen forecasts. These will prove quite useful for many users, depending on their situation.

WeatherBug8   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

The next option is the live radar, which, as you can probably guess, lets you see the weather systems moving into your area, or any other area for that matter. You can drag the map and pinch in and out to see weather systems around the world.

WeatherBug3   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

The option after radar allows you to see weather photos of various locations in and around your area. You can also tap “video” to watch the current national weather outlook.

WeatherBug2   WeatherBug   Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

The very last screen in the app is the settings. From here you can choose options such as whether the app shows you lightning alerts and what type of units it uses. You can also see a FAQ for WeatherBug, so if you need some additional help using the app, make sure to check out this section.


If you need a weather application on your iPhone, look no further than WeatherBug. If you have an Android device, you can also download WeatherBug there as well. Either way, this is a fantastic application that every iPhone owner should have installed if they are at all interested in what is happening with the weather.

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